The tech industry has long been famed for its luxe work environments free lunches, ping pong tables, green juice on tap but there’s a lot more than perks that goes into creating a workplace employees love. The Order of Companies doesn’t represent any type of Ranks or Order of Superiority, it’s just used for Representation purpose.

Hi Everyone Today We Will Talk About 15 Best Workplaces of Small & Medium Sized Tech Companies

This List is the Result of a Survey Conducted on more than 42,000 employees of U.S. technology companies.


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Employees say: “In my over 30-year professional career, this is the only company that I have been associated with where it actually cares personally about the people that work for it. It holds each person in such honor and regard, that it causes me to want to work harder in order to aid in their success and make them proud.”

Industry: Online Internet Services

HQ location: Santa Monica, Calif.

Employees: 689

  1. Zendesk

(Courtesy of Zendesk) 

Employees say: “We are a company with a soul. It’s a thriving, exciting, passionate group of people all working towards our next milestone. You feel excited and energized to be a part of something so great.”

Industry: Software

HQ location: San Francisco

Employees: 829

  1. CrowdStrike

(Courtesy of CrowdStrike)

Employees say: “I have been in the cyber security industry for 18 years and in all other companies I have worked at, I have felt that the company’s primary objective is to sell products and make money. At CrowdStrike it feels different. There is a belief that we are here to stop the bad guys. Everyone takes a lot of pride in working here and to save companies from cyber attacks, loss of data, and reputation/brand damage. In fact, we don’t have a mission statement, we are on a mission to stop the hackers. This drives our culture, sense of commitment, and makes it a unique place to work.”

Industry: Software

HQ location: Irvine, Calif.

Employees: 456

  1. GoFundMe 

(Courtesy of GoFundMe)

Employees say: “At GoFundMe, I get to ‘have my cake and eat it too.’ Every day, we are working to build a great company, with the ambitions and talent of many of the great tech companies. At the same time, I can confidently say that we are helping people and making a positive difference in the world.”

Industry: Online Internet Services

HQ location: Redwood City, Calif.

Employees: 143

  1. TCG

(Courtesy of TCG)

Employees say: “Unlike its larger competitors, TCG is a truly diverse workplace for highly motivated creative thinkers to unapologetically showcase their professional talents. The company invests a great deal of time and resources in helping its employees reach their personal and professional goals through formal training and knowledge-sharing, open and honest communication, and work life balance. We work smart and play hard as a team and that is what I love about this place!”

Industry: IT Consulting

HQ location: Washington, D.C.

Employees: 105

  1. Health Catalyst

(Courtesy of Health Catalyst)

Employees say: “Our leadership is extremely humble and transparent. Leaders treat employees like they are part of the work family. They trust us with valuable, confidential information and believe that we will act responsibly (like owners).”

Industry: Software

HQ location: Salt Lake City

Employees: 458

  1. Xactly 

(Courtesy of Xactly)

Employees say: “Our culture is very unique. Our CEO said it best: culture is not defined by games, slides, and cool things tech companies typically have in their offices. It’s the people that genuinely care about the organization, take pride in their job, and enjoy the people they work with that make a great culture.”

Industry: Software

HQ location: San Jose, Calif.

Employees: 333

  1. Yext 

(Courtesy of Yext)

Employees say: “There is a unique energy at Yext. Even when people are having a stressful or frustrating week, we are all united by driving the company forward toward our goals. There is a sense of community and teamwork that I haven’t experienced at other companies. I think a lot of this can be attributed to our strong leadership—they know where they want the company to be two years, five years, 10 years from now and they make it clear that we are all a huge part of getting the company to meet those goals.”

Industry: Advertising

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 506

  1. Reltio

(Courtesy of Reltio)

Employees say: “Reltio is extremely collaborative, from the CEO to the individual contributor. No idea is ignored. The CEO reaches out to everyone for input and feedback. Everyone is very approachable and can be contacted anytime for any reason.”

Industry: Storage/Data Management

HQ location: Redwood Shores, Calif.

Employees: 80

  1. Fast Enterprises

(Courtesy of Fast Enterprises)

Employees say: “The opportunities that Fast gives to live all over the United States and the world are great, and the overall culture of Fast makes the moving around a fun and enjoyable experience. I have already made lifelong friends that I would not have otherwise met in places that I would have never otherwise lived, and I’m so glad I have.”

Industry: Software, IT Consulting

HQ location: Centennial, Co.

Employees: 838

  1. Atlassian

(Courtesy of Atlassian)

Employees say: “The level of trust and empowerment is what strikes me as unique. After having worked for my last two companies in environments where I was given very little autonomy, it’s surprising and refreshing to work here. I often ask, ‘does anyone need to approve this?’ and many times, the answer is no. It’s not that the company doesn’t care about outcomes or is prone to carelessness and risk. It’s just that the company trusts the individual to take ownership over content being accurate, and strategic thought to be applied.”

Industry: Software

HQ location: San Francisco

Employees: 650

  1. Justworks

(Photograph by Tom Takigayama)

Employees say: “This is an organization in which the leaders are the wheels and the employees are the vehicle. Managers lead by example and are always keen on listening to their employees for feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Because the senior members of this organization cultivate this kind of culture, everyone from top to bottom shares the value of each other, making the organization better every day.”

Industry: Online Internet Services

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 142

  1. ZestFinance

(Jeff Galfer Photography)

Employees say: “The guiding principle I’ve noticed in much of the company policies and how employee issues are handled is that we are treated as adults. From the unlimited vacation policy to the relatively loose hierarchy, I feel as if I have a lot of freedom, and the trust that goes along with it, in choosing how best to contribute value to the company and to navigate my career.”

HQ location: Los Angeles

Employees: 100

  1. Cirrus Logic

(Photograph by Jack Puryear)

Employees say: “I have to make a point to tell people less about ALL the great things Cirrus does for our employees or for me specifically because it makes most folks jealous. I’ve worked for various employers where I felt like I was truly valued and appreciated, but it pales in comparison to how much management consistently goes above and beyond to improve our job satisfaction here. It’s an incredible thing to behold and be a part of. I’m extremely grateful to work here and I know most of my co-workers feel the same.”

Industry: Hardware

HQ location: Austin, Texas

Employees: 758

  1. BlackLine

(Photograph by Andrew Scott)

Employees say: “Although we have scheduled work and deadlines, there is never a feeling of being rushed or pushed by management. We are treated as adult professionals in our positions. We are not micromanaged, but expected to perform the job and duties we were hired for. Management places a lot of trust in our abilities to get the job done. My team is extremely helpful, and ready to assist in any issue. It doesn’t matter the position or title, everyone jumps in to help when it’s necessary. There is never the ‘that’s not my job’ mentality. We learn from one another constantly.”

Industry: Software

HQ location: Los Angeles

Employees: 491

The 2 Resulting Rankings are Grouped by Company Size, One for Large Tech Companies and One for Small and Medium-Sized Companies.


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