Rainbow hues, lights, fireworks, acrobatics, samba and the bossa nova kicked off the Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro on 2nd September. But there are also a bunch of Startups that hit the Sky Because of the 2016 Olympics.

Hi Everyone Today We Will Talk About How 2016 Olympics Put the Following StartUps Running

More than 10,000 gifted sportspeople will be taking part in the Games, but it also takes the best facilities and intensive training regimes to make stars. Technology is increasingly playing a key role in giving athletes the edge with analytics, wearable devices, and sensors that track motion in three dimensions, provide insights on an athlete’s performance and bioactivity. Here are some start-ups that help athletes with training and performance enhancement

Startup Description Founded City Funding Use Sport
Whoop Wearable for Bioactivity Tracking, Helps Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention 2012 Boston $24 Million Lebron James, Michael Phleps Basket Ball, Swimming
Zepp Wearable to Provide

Performance Feedback

2011 Sanjose $20 Million Amateur Tennis, Golf
Game Golf Wearable for

Performance Tracking

2010 San Francisco $19 Million Professional, Amateur Golf
Prozone Performance,

Post-match, Opposition, Trend Analysis

1998 Leeds $6.5 Million Professional Hockey, Football, Basketball
Catapult Wearable for Analytics for Performance Enhancement 2006 Melbourne $6 Million Professional

Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen

NBA, US Olympics rowing team


Hockey, Basketball,



PIQ Wearable for Performance Data Analytics 2009 Lausanne $5.5 Million Amateur Tennis, Golf
Info Motion Sensor-based Motion

Recognition & Analysis

2008 Dublin $4 Million Professional Basketball
Omega wave Smartphone & sensor based solution for adaptive training 2012 ESPOO (Finland) $3.5 Million Professional Athletics
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