In today’s Era of Accessible Internet to All and Social Media, People can interact with others make new Friends and Explore Human Resource. If I tell U there is a Mode of Transport though which you can not only Travel Cheaply but also make New Friends (Travel Buddies) will u believe?

Hi Everyone Today We Will Talk About How Ride Sharing Has Become The New Mode Of Transport

With Growing Focus of Reducing Carbon Emissions Clubbed with Factors like Rising Fuel Prices and New policies like Odd-Even coming in to place the Concept of Car Pooling or Ride Sharing Gain a lot of traction in Urban India.

A range of New-age Startups (Apps) have come-up looking to bring together office-goers & commuters. Ride Sharing Apps are Usually Platforms where people can discuss Travel Plans while making the Commute Easier and Cheaper for all the participants.

Ride Sharing / Car Polling Helps In Reducing Pollution levels & Traffic Congestions on the Roads

BlaBlaCar, which was founded in France in 2006 and which launched India Operations in 2015, and Ibibo’s Ryde offer a Great New option for inter-city travel, especially for those who need to make Sudden Trips at a cost that is no more than the Bus Fare. Registered users can post details of an inter-city ride he/she is taking, with details of Route, Car Model, and the Price per Seat. Others Planning to Go in the Same Direction can Book a Seat in the Car for the given price.

BlaBlaCar has Clocked 3 Million Seat Bookings (July 2015 to Aug 2016) in India since it fully opened up the platform in July 2015. That’s a Big Number in a Short Period, considering it does 40 Million Seats a year in Europe, where it started 10 years ago. Travellers in 700 Indian cities have used the service. The Most Popular Routes are Mumbai-Pune, Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur, Bengaluru-Chennai & Bengaluru-Hyderabad.

It’s Flexible & Affordable; If You Are The Driver, You Can Earn Some Good Money

The System Allows Car Owners to Earn Some Good Money. Some Even like the Company they have on a trip they would otherwise have to make all Alone. Bigger and better cars will charge more. So a trip on an Audi from Bengaluru to Chennai may cost Rs 800, while a regular Sedan or Hatchback may Charge about Rs 650. The Platforms usually suggest a price point based on the Distance and Car Model, but they give car owners the freedom to Fix a Higher or Lower Price, though within a range.

Ibibo, an Indian Startup that is Now a Subsidiary of South Africa-based Naspers, Charges a 10% Commission for Every Ride Booking. BlaBlaCar does Not Charge a Commission for Now, but it Plans to do so.

For Ibibo, the inter-city Carpooling app Ryde was seen as a good fit to its other services, including bus ticketing website Redbus and online travel platform GoIbibo. Started mid 2015, the platform now has 5 lakh Members and Covers 284 Routes (till Aug 2016). “This is an Excellent Business, but Creation of a Network takes time,” says Ashish Kashyap, Founder & CEO of Ibibo Group, indicating that there has to be a large number of Drivers and Users on a Route for it to be Really Effective.

The Apps Allow Drivers & Riders to Rate & Comment About Each Other, Helping Others to Decide Whether He/She Should Go With A Particular Driver

The Platforms Allow Drivers & Riders to Rate & Comment About each other, which not only Helps to Keep Both on their Best Behaviour, It also Helps Others to Decide whether he/she should Go with a particular Driver. Safety is Still a Big Concern though, because you are Normally Riding with Strangers. Raghav Gupta, India Country Manager of BlaBlaCar, says to Address this, it has mandated users to Register a Government recognized Identity Card on the Platform. It also Recently Introduced Women-only Car Shares.

It’s Not an Easy Business to be in though, as several Local Players have Discovered. Lokesh Bevara’s 360Ride hoped to link cities, but has Now Shifted to Ride Sharing within Cities. Only 10% of its transactions are inter-city. “For inter-city, it is Important to Engage the Customers All the time, and that Requires lots of Money,” says Bevara, A Software Professional turned Entrepreneur who Started 360Ride in 2014.

Raghuram Ramanujam, Founder of PoolCircle which too Started as an inter-city Ride Sharing App but has since Shifted to intra-city Agrees on the Need for Marketing Muscle. “The Big Players have Foreign Funds. Players like Us Rely on Users and their Repeat Usage. Customer Stickiness is Not Strong in inter-city,” He says.

To take on that kind of Might Requires Innovative Approaches. Hyderabad-based CoYatri is looking at Working with Big Technology Companies to Create inter-city Ride Sharing Communities within these Organizations. Co-founder Krishna Vedula says he’s wary of the liabilities he may have to incur in the Event the Safety of the Driver or Passenger is Compromised. “If I work with large organizations, the Safety Aspect will be Taken Care of,” He says.

Case Study

R Rahul, 30, travels from Bengaluru to Chennai Every 2 Months to meet his Brother. Usually, a rail trip was his preferred choice. But there were times when he wouldn’t get a ticket. Sometimes the Railways site IRCTC would be unreliable. During 1 Attempt to Book a Seat on the Kaveri Express to Chennai, He chanced upon a Banner AD on IRCTC of inter-city Ride Sharing Platform BlaBlaCar.

“The AD said I could easily Ride a car from my place to Chennai in Rs 600. I just clicked on the website, put in my options and found another passenger who was driving to Chennai on the day I wanted to go. I hitched a ride with him,” He says. Since then, he has Never taken a Train, and has Done 9 trips through BlaBlaCar.

K S Venkatakrishnan, 31, loves the Whole Concept because “You Get Good Company, Get to Stop wherever you Want & Reduces Costs.” The Business Analyst, who works at Bengaluru-based Sumeru Software, prefers Offering a Ride to taking One.

Even Popular Car Hailing Services like Ola & Uber are Coming up with Car Pooling Options to tap into this New Segment that’s Growing in Popularity

Market Size and Competition

  1. BlaBlaCar

    • 2006 In France
    • 2015 In India
  • The Indian Localised Venture of France Based BlaBla Car was one of the First Car Pooling Initiatives in the Country
  • in Grabbed the Advantage of being the Early Bird in India and today has a Good Penetration in the Indian Market.
  • Being a Major Player in the Industry, BlaBla Car Offers All the Essential Features that any other Car Pooling Service Offers
  1. Lets Pool

Services Offered

  • Car Pooling & Bike Pooling
  • It Offers Services in All Major Cities in India


  • Women Only Pools
  • Inter & Intra City Rides
  • In-built Chat Features
  • Save Routes
  • Save Co-traveller
  • Profile Verification
  • SOS Features During an Emergency & Many More
  1. Orahi

The Apps Care fully Configured Algorithms allows Users to find their Friends Colleagues & Neighbours Going their way so that they can Comfortably Share Rides


  • Women Only Pools
  • Cash Less Payments
  • Choose Co Travellers
  • Review & Rating System

It Offers First time Users a Free Ride to Try Out their Services.

Orahi Also has a “Panic Mode” Button on its App when Pressed; this Button Alerts 3 other Contacts to your location if you Feel Unsafe.

It has its Own Special Online Method of Payments Called “Green Tokens”. There is No Minimum Amount Cap on the Withdrawals.

  1. Pool Circle

It is a Bangalore Based Car Pooling Startup.

The Most Prominent Features are Refer A Friend and Corporate Car Pooling Solution. The Corporate Car Pooling Solution is also a Good Feature, as it Completely Removes the Hassel of Everyday Ride Sharing/Carpooling Schedule for Daily Commuters.

  1. UberPool

Uber Pool allows you to Share your Ride with Passengers with Similar Pickup and Destination Points. Choose “Share your Car” on the Uber app and See the Fixed Rate you will Pay for your ride. You might get matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. Even if No other passengers take the Ride, this will be your Cost.

After a Successful launch in Delhi & Bangalore, Uber Pool has Now Come to Hyderabad too

  1. Ola Cab Share

Ola has introduced a Car Pooling Feature where Commuters can Register to Offer and Share Free Rides it Prompts you to Enter your Car details including Registration Number to Either offer to or Share a Ride with other people.

Ola also comes with a “Share” Option for Car Pooling at the time of your First Ride, you can choose to Ride with Everyone, Office Colleagues or Create a Group of your Own.

  1. Meru Carpool

Meru Cabs is a Cab Service app that also Offers Ride Sharing options with its Carpool Feature. Meru Started in the city of Mumbai in 2007, with the Carpool Feature being More Recent. Available in Over 23 Major Cities, and with the Goal of Expanding Carpool to the top 20, Meru Cab Gives 20,000 Rides to Customers Daily and has partnered with India’s Most Popular Airports. The Service has Won several Awards, including the Coveted Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice Award in 2013. Meru Cab’s Strict Verification Policy Makes Sure that Both Drivers and Passengers Remain Safe and are Trustworthy. Meru Cab Makes Paying Incredibly Easy with a One-Swipe Payment option using PayTM and an E-wallet Feature. What makes Meru Cab truly Unique is the fact that Drivers can Set their Own Rates. These Rates are Visible to Riders before Booking, and it Encourages Competitive Rates that Help Riders to get the lowest fare possible.

  1. SRide

SRide is a Carpooling app with a Special Focus on Safety for its Riders. Each Driver is Carefully Screened to make sure you get the Best one possible, and Driver Ratings are Closely Tracked. Every Rider must Submit a Review of their Driver to Create a Conversation in the SRide Community in Order to Provide Feedback for others. Founded by Lakshna Jha in October of 2014

SRide’s Website Notes that Over 11 Billion Gallons of Fuel could be Saved per Year if Everyone Carried an Additional Passenger.

  1. Tripda

Founded by Rocket Internet, Tripda is an Indian Carpooling app that’s completely Free for the User. Rather than Paying a Fee, Riders simply Share the Cost of the Ride without any Surcharges. Tripda founded by 4 Key Members: Adi Vaxman, Pedro Meduna, Joe McFarlane & Eduardo Prota

Tripda also offers Ladies Only Rides with All-female Driver & Passenger Groups paired together to Increase Safety. Passengers & Drivers can Rate each other, Giving a Broader and More Accurate Review of Services. Tripda’s Extra Security Features also Allow the user to Decide what Personal Information they Share with others. Information such as Name & Phone number are only necessary for User Verification, and Tripda’s Direct Messaging Feature keeps these details private so that users can set up a ride without giving this information out. Tripda operates primarily in Delhi, Mumbai/Pune & Bangalore, though anyone outside those cities can use the app as well.

  1. Ride Mantra

It is a Free Service with a Peer-to-Peer people connect platform to ensure the commute of employees of an organisation Hassle Free & Cost Effective. Anyone with a legitimate E-mail Address & Mobile Number can Join. After Sign-up, users need to enter their travel plans. The app then displays the suitable ride matches in a map. Ride Mantra is not limited to specific cities. The Service can be Used to Commute from Anywhere to Anywhere as long as someone else is on the Same Route and time as you.

Those willing to share their vehicle must have a valid Driving licence & Vehicle Documents. The app also claims that it filters and disables Fake Profiles Created with intent to Defraud the System. Users who Constantly Receive poor Ratings/Reviews Get Blocked from using Ride Mantra.

Few Other Players are:

  • ToGo Carpool
  • CarPool India
  • CoYatri
  • LetsRide

Today we all are Aware of the Growing problem of Air Pollution, As well as Traffic Congestion, the threat it imposes on the life of our community. As Educated and Responsible Citizens it is required for us to support these Ride Sharing (Car Pooling) and Other Environment Saving Initiatives to Create a Better World for Future Generations.


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