SaveYourHealth is India’s Leading Healthcare Company that Provides Healthcare Services like Home Care, Sexual Care, Diagnostic Test etc. in the Comfort of Your Home.

Hi Everyone Today We Will Talk About the Startup that Changes Demographics Of Indian Medical Industry & A Patients Point Of View About Medical Services

The Eureka Moment

In a Country that is the Second Largest in terms Of Population and that Rejoices its Debut Mission to Mars, Walking into A Store and Buying A Condom is Still a ‘Dare’. We are Addressing a Real Indian Problem. According to a Research, 1 in Every 5 Individuals Suffers from Sexual Health Problems. Most Males as Many as 75% are Reluctant to Talk to their Doctors About Sexual Problems.

The Healthcare Sector was Estimated to be Worth $75 Billion During 2012-13 and is Projected to Reach $280 Billion by 2020, According to A Report Released by India Brand Equity. The Demographic Survey for India States that “India has More than 50% of its Population Below the Age of 25 & More than 65% Below the Age of 35. It is Expected that, in 2020, the Average Age of an Indian will be 29 Years”. Hence, We can Safely say that India is Getting Younger and the Face of Problems that India as A Country Face is Also Constantly Evolving.

“My Main Concern was Solving Real Healthcare Problem through Technology in Rural, Urban and Slum Areas, When Idea Discussed with Some Friends, Family, Teachers, Doctors then they Appreciate Our Idea, then We Planned to Develop SaveYourHealth.” Says Rakesh Sharma Founder & CEO


Core Team

Core Team Members are:

  • Amit Joshi (Sexologist),
  • Kunal Kothari (Cardio Diabetes & NCD),
  • Arvind Tomar (Physiotherapist),
  • Astha Goyal (Eye Specialties),
  • Punit Gupta (Physician),
  • Amit Kumar Sharma (ENT Specialties),
  • Sadhana Jain (Nursing),
  • Saurabh Gupta (Pharmacist),
  • Arpit Jain (Pharmacist),
  • Dushyant Parmar (Physiotherapy),
  • Rohitash Kumar Parashar(Nursing).

All MBBS Doctors in Advisory Board & Medical Team Members has More than 5 Years Experienced On their Own Fields.

Unique Selling Point

SaveYourHealth Provides Complete Healthcare Services like Homecare, Book Doctor Appointments, Order Medicines, Consult Doctors Online, Manage Digital Health Records, Read Health Tips, Health Videos, Health Blogs, Health News and Find Medical Centres such as Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Medical Colleges, Medical Universities etc. in the Comfort of Your Home.

Save Your Health is Building India’s First Virtual Sexual Health Web Based Platform Where, Address Sexual Health Problem Because it Allows the User to Anonymously Consult with Verified Sexologists, Psychologists & Gynaecologists, have Video Chats Telephonic Calls and Text Based Consultations from the Comfort of Home. This Platform also Provides Free Health Checkup & Blood Donation Camp. We are Providing Healthcare Services in Urban, Rural & Slum Areas Using Technology.

Market Standing

In a Market of so Much Potential, “Practo” is A Platform that Covers the Entire Gamut of Doctors for Appointments. Practo has Also Entered the Online Medicine Ordering Segment. “Portea” is Another Established Player in this Sector. “Lybrate” is Yet Another Platform that Helps Patients Communicate with A Network of Doctors through A Mobile App or Online. We Realised that While there are Many Online Platforms Offering Various Kinds of Healthcare Solutions, there’s No Platform Dedicated to Sexual Health Concerns.

Funding Information

Save Your Health is A “Self Funded Venture”.

Competing with Well Funded & Well Established Players in The Healthcare Segment is Not an Easy Task. “SaveYourHealth Is Determined to Work Hard Day & Night To Provide Best Products & Services to Our Customers.” Says Rakesh Sharma

Good Health Enriches Life. The Healthcare System in Countries Like India and Many others is in a Dilapidated State. Medical & Healthcare Facilities are Unaffordable by A Large Indian Population. According to A Research, 75% Men with Sexual Health Issues Hesitate to Contact Doctors. Indian Healthcare Sector is One of the Largest with Expanding Revenue and Employment Opportunities. Rakesh Kumar is A Young Entrepreneur from Jaipur, India who Recognized this Opportunity and Conceptualized SaveYourHealth. As the Founder & CEO, Rakesh Finds the Healthcare Sector Unorganized and Wanted to Refine it. He Collated Data from Within the Industry and Used Open Source Technology to Organize it.

Today, It Provides Home Healthcare Services and is A Leading Healthcare Company in India. It Provides Skilled Doctors, Specialists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Lab Tests All with the Click of a Button. The Online Booking Portal Connects SaveYourHealth Team Member with the User Within An Hour.

These Home Healthcare Services are Provided with the Aim to Listen, Understand, Partner, Solve and Enrich the Lives of People. Their Services are as Effective As in A Hospital, at the Same Time Less Expensive, and Convenient. Moreover, Supports by Educating and Teaching Family Members and/or Caregivers to Provide Proper Care.

Founder’s Background

Rakesh Kumar is the Founder & CEO of SaveYourHealth. He is a 23 Year Old Engineering Graduate have More than 3 Year Industrial Experience in Open Source Technologies & Published 20 Research Papers in Different International Journal & National Conferences. He is also A Member of the IACSIT, SCIEI, UACEE, IAENG & CSTA as Well as RHCSA, RHCE, MCP & IBM DB2 Certified. His Research Interests Includes Cloud Computing, Big data, Hadoop, NoSQL & NewSQL. Being From A Technical Background Rakesh Follows His Entrepreneurial DNA & Started SaveYourHealth On His Own.

Keep Standing for Something that You Believe In Everything Else Will Falls into Place.

– Rakesh Sharma

Startup Struggle

Rakesh Sharma Says “Starting from the Venture, We are Facing Big Problems Like Collect Specialties Doctor & Hospitals that Provide Services. Our Development Team Developed this Idea Using Open Source Technologies like Python, django, mongodb etc. In Just 5 Months, Save Your Health has Acquired more than 500 Customers, with 62 Employees Which Includes Sexologist, Nurses, Doctors, Developers, Physiotherapists, Tutors & Yoga Instructors.”

Future Expansion Plans

Currently, SaveYourHealth is Operational in 6 Countries (Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India & Malaysia) and Planning to Cover Every City in these Countries.

SaveYourHealth is Planning to Expand in Countries like South Africa, New York, Thailand, Turkey & Many More. for Giving Complete Healthcare Services. We are Aiming to Cover 50+ Countries by 2020.

SaveYourHealth is Expanding its Wings to Other Countries. Some of the Emerging Markets are Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana. It has Entered a Joint Venture with Ghanaian, JSK Care Services (JSK PoolHouse Ltd.) Based in Kumasi, Ghana.

Just like SaveYourHealth, JSK Care Services is a Healthcare Platform Offering its Services in Ghana. It Provides to Corporate Private Health Institutions, Health Care Delivery Institutions, Private Hospitals, & Clinics. Moreover, they Provide Customer Care Training to Support its Health Delivery Services. To Promote Public Health, they Organize Internal Cleanup Exercises and in Collaboration with an NGO, Solid Bridge International, JSK Care Services Empowers Rural & Urban Areas with Healthcare.

In this Joint Venture, Each Holds 50% Stake with An Aim to Revolutionize the Healthcare Segment in Ghana. They Will Empower Customers & Healthcare Service Providers with Tools & Technology. Their Outreach Program in Select Areas for All is a Public Health Awareness Platform to Educate them About Health Concerns. At the Same Time, they Aim to Meet the Expectations of Global Health Delivery Policies.

Healthcare has Become One of India’s Largest Sectors in terms of Revenue & Employment, & the Sector is Expanding Rapidly. Healthcare Comprises Hospitals, Medical Devices, Clinical Trials, Outsourcing, Telemedicine, Medical Tourism, Health Insurance & Medical Equipment. The Indian Healthcare Sector is Growing at a Tremendous Pace Due to its Strengthening Coverage, Services & Increasing Expenditure by Public as Well Private Players.

Today the total Value of the Sector is More than $34 Billion. This Translates to Roughly 6% of GDP. The Private Sector Accounts for More than 80% of Total Healthcare Spending in India.

With an Increase in Contagious & Chronic Degenerative Ailments, the Role of Indian Healthcare Service Provider Becomes Even More Comprehensive. The Services Offered by Health Care Service Provider in India Range from Insurance to Medical Treatments, Air Ambulance Services to Various Surgeries, etc. Their Services are Unique & Exclusive & are Assisted by Fully Equipped Laboratories Executing Wide Range of Exploratory Tests. India’s Competitive Advantage lies in its large Pool of Well Trained Medical Professionals. India is also Cost Competitive Compared to its Peers in Asia & Western Countries. The Cost of Surgery in India is About One-tenth of that in the US or Western Europe.

Market Size & Opportunity

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India has Predicted that with Increased Digital Adoption, the Indian Healthcare Market, Which is Worth US$ 100 Billion, Will Likely to Grow at A CAGR of 23% to US$ 280 Billion by 2020. Rural India, Which Accounts for Over 70% of the Population, is Set to Emerge as a Potential Demand Source. India Requires 600,000 to 700,000 Additional Beds Over the Next 5 to 6 Years, Indicative of an Investment Opportunity of US$ 25-30 Billion. The Average Investment Size by Private Equity Funds in Healthcare Chains has Already Increased to US$ 20-30 Million from US$ 5-15 Million, as per PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

A Total of 3,598 Hospitals & 25,723 Dispensaries Across the Country Offer AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy) Treatment, thus Ensuring Availability of Alternative Medicine & Treatment to the People. The Indian Medical Tourism Industry is Pegged at US$ 3 Billion per Annum, with Tourist Arrivals Estimated at 230,000. The Indian Medical Tourism Industry is Expected to Reach US$ 6 Billion by 2018, With the Number of People Arriving in the Country for Medical Treatment Set to Double Over the Next 4 Years. With Greater Number of Hospitals Getting Accredited & Receiving Recognition, & Greater Awareness On the Need to Develop their Quality to Meet International Standards, Kerala Aims to Become India’s Healthcare Hub in 5 Years.

SaveYourHealth also Provides Software Solutions for the Healthcare Environment Enabling Health Professionals to Efficiently Manage their Patients & Peoples to Find, Review & Book Appointments with Doctors in A Specialty, Allows Patients to E-mail their Doctor Directly with Questions & Even Treatment Updates. We Provide Specialist Doctors, Skilled Nurses, & Physiotherapists for Home Visits who have Passed Our Rigorous Hiring Standards & Have had their Backgrounds & Medical Knowledge Verified by Senior Doctors. We Facilitate Lab Tests at Home & Medical Equipment Rentals, Making Health Care More Accessible for Our Patients. As the Medicare Program Describes, Home Healthcare is Unique as A Care Setting Not only because the Care is Provided in the Home, but the Care itself is “Usually Less Expensive, More Convenient, and Just as Effective” As Care given in a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility. As a Result of Using Our Services, Our Patients are Able to Stay in their Homes Longer, Save Money, & have Peace of Mind.

At Save Your Health, Our Sales & Clinical Team Members Act as An Extension of the Physician’s Office Team, Ensuring Your Doctor Stays Informed of Your Progress, & Outcomes. We Recognize Communication & Care Coordination with Your Physician is in the Best Interest of You and Your Care. We are Working to be A Part of the Solution to Our Country’s Healthcare Challenge – to Improve Care While Reducing Cost.

Revenue, Traction & Growth

Save Your Health Business Model is A Combination of SaaS Sales, Commission from Buyer Seller Match Making, AD Space Selling, It is Completely Free for Users.

Currently, Save Your Health

  • Handles 1000 Home Healthcare Patients
  • 500 Listed Doctors
  • 1000+ Monthly Booked Appointments
  • 2000+ Queries About Medical Centers

It Aims to be A Full Fledged Wellness Services Aggregator Providing Extended Services like Medicine Delivery, Pathological Test Bookings, Spa & Saloon Appointment Bookings & Many More. Rakesh Says – “In August 2016, SaveYourHealth is in Incubation by Startup Oasis, A Jaipur Based Incubation Center Set-up As the Joint Initiative of RIICO, Rajasthan’s Premiere Industrial Promotion Organization, & the Centre for Innovation, Incubation, & Entrepreneurship at IIM- Ahmedabad. It is Currently Bootstrapped & is looking for Funding.” The Future is Bright as SaveYourHealth Will Add More Functionalities & Features to the Platform.

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